Latest cure for childhood cancer

Recent therapy measure claims of boosting body’s immunity and increasing the survival rates by 20 percent for neuroblastoma, a cancerous situation of the nervous system that is associated with children, as stated by a study.

The latest measure has been devised at Cancer Center at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia stating that the major development in fighting the cause of cancer will be established in this decade, according to the report in the New England Journal of Medicine.

The study found that the new measure helped better the two-year survival rates by 20 percent, when compared to standard measures for treatment for an aggressive form of neuroblastama.

John Maris, a co-author of the study and director of the center said, "We expect these findings will change clinical practice, setting a new gold standard of treatment for this often-deadly disease."

Neuroblastoma, a cancer situation has to do with the peripheral nervous system, leads to form a solid tumor in the chest or abdomen. It constitutes seven percent of all childhood cancers, and is responsible for 15 percent of all childhood cancer deaths, the researchers added.

The recent most study claimed, 226 high-risk patients suffering from multiple cancer centers got either the standard chemotherapy drug isotretinoin or the new immunotherapy treatment offering three biological agents in association with isotretinoin.