GM food poses superbug issues

The latest report urges the development in case of Genetically Modified food, as two senators are pushing for the Federal Government to tighten Australia's food labeling laws, after discovering genetically-modified ingredients in baby food.

Greenpeace researchers claim that the S-26 Soy brand of infant formula has been found to contain GM ingredients, but is absent on the cover label of the product.

Greens Senator Rachel Siewert asserts that Australia's food labeling laws are inadequate an insufficient and needs a lot of improvement.

She adds: "There's poor process and pressure from big business." Along with independent Senator Nick Xenophon, Greens Senator have dragged the issue to the Senate.

"Every parent deserves to know whether the baby formula they're giving to their children contains GM," he said.

Food corporations are feeding in antibiotic resistant genes in foods says Professor Peter Collignon from the ANU Medical School.

Meanwhile the maker of S-26, Wyeth Nutrition, claims that their formula may contain traces of GM ingredients, but they fall short on Australian food standards level.