Eating disorder service comes up in Auckland

It has been reported that younger crowd with eating disorders like the anorexia would no longer be able to travel up to North Island to Australia to get cure.

The latest eating disorder service has been sponsored by the Auckland District Health Board which unveils today in offering residential and day programme cure for 15 to 24-year-olds.

The Challenge Trust, which is making use of the service, claims that nearly one percent population of New Zealanders suffer from eating disorders. The center will commence taking responsibility of patients in the coming month. Nearly 80,000 people in New Zealand complain of eating disorders turn up to a new place for help.

This measure comes in rescue of the government funded $26 million investment over four years to curb the eating patients.

The report was released in Auckland that officially releases nine other beds to the 19 all over the nation.

The eating disorder has threatened many lives than any other mental illness could claim in few years ago, in New Zealand.

The report released by ONE News said that the first trial of patients bearing the short audio tracks, before, during and after every meal.

Auckland authors believe that the year-long examination will aid patients understand the needs of hunger, offered by mode of technology.