Consumers Disappointed over J&J’s Recalls

As expressed by Johnson & Johnson’s CEO in documents brought out on Wednesday, consumers must return the bottles of renowned children's medicines to the stores, as part of the recall made by the Company, which left consumers annoyed.

The statements were made by Chief Executive, William Weldon of J&J in a testimony released before a congressional hearing. It didn’t disclose which product has been recalled. The declaration is indeed astonishing, as there was no likelihood that the medicines would be recalled before 2011.

In the documents, Weldon stated that its McNeil consumer unit would begin delivering around 1 million bottles of a product next week and projected to market 4 million bottles by the end of 2010.

"We let the public down. We did not maintain our high quality standards, and as a result, children do not have access to our important medicines”, said Weldon. He added that he took complete responsibility of problems and assured rectifying them.

On Thursday, Weldon has to appear in front of public for the first time after recalls at a House of Representatives Oversight and Government Reform Committee panel. J&J has recalled 40 popular medicines since April 30.

As told by the Company, the plant that manufactured the recalled 135 million bottles in April would remain shut till the second half of 2011.