Global AIDS report fails to light faces

UN agencies have stated that on Friday the world will be failing to meet the deadline meant for "universal" permit to HIV/AIDS care and treatment, while the new crisis-driven funding aides in unraveling any type of gains.

The WHO, UNAIDS, and the UN Children's Fund UNICEF through a joint report aimed to serve 80 percent of the HIV positive population to help prevent, treat and care for a number of users.

The report further elucidated: "Nevertheless, this report also demonstrates that, on a global scale, targets for universal access to HIV prevention, treatment and care will not be met by 2010."

Despite the increasing progress, the report listing 183 nations understated by one-third of those who are in a constant surge for worldwide access to life-saving anti-retroviral drugs to stand against the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) that is responsible for AIDS.

Nearly 5.2 million people seem to get treatments in low to middle income countries, the key need for fight in nearly three decades old pandemic with highest load of disease.

It was stated that the agencies who are opting to fight against HIV/AIDS fall under the scale of prevention measures and are insufficient, also after four years in UN's broad 2010 access target.

Kevin Moody of the Global Network of People Living with AIDS stated: "It's unacceptable that 7,000 people a day are dying of a chronic, treatable illness."