People Will Share Problems with Google’s Serendipity Engines in Future

At a TechCrunch Disrupt conference, Chief Executive of Google, Eric Schmidt talked about exciting, serendipity engines, which will remind of small things, drive their car, translate phone conversation and even prevent them from getting lost.

Mr. Schmidt said that one day people would be able to solve their queries without searching anything and this would become possible for Google, when it will combine cloud computing with powerful mobile phones.

He referred this serendipity engines to the Company's omnipresent Internet search engine. He is expecting that this new invention would really play a key role in people’s life.

Mr. Schmidt also added that this new technology aims to keep away loneliness of people, who can always get connected with their online friends. A new world would be created for them, where they will never feel alone.

One thing that has to be kept in mind is that there will be something to entertain people, when they will switch to internet, making sure that they will never be bored.

“This future will eventually be available to billions of people around the world, rather than "just the elites”, he added.

He also notified that people would be able to make best use of this service, only if they will agree to share information about themselves.