Huawei Launches Its Android 2.2 Embedded Smartphone IDEOS

The IDEOS smartphone, manufactured by Huawei was showcased in Singapore, making its first exhibition.

It is the first smartphone that is embedded with Android 2.2, which would be launched worldwide on competitive prices. It offers numerous ways to access the internet. It provides download speed of 7.2Mb/s and comes with 3G + Wi-Fi dual network. The device can also be used as a Wi-Fi router. It comes in a variety of colours and works speedily.

With the complete feature of Android 2.2, the smartphone offers more than 70,000 applications related to communication, entertainment and business management. It has a 2.8-inch touchscreen and its thickness measures
13.5mm. Its target audience is 15 to 30.

Huawei is already ruling the global market in the mobile broadband segment capturing more than 50% of market share. The launch of the IDEOS would add to its benefits by strengthening its position, as expressed by Alex Jiang, President of Huawei Device in Asia Pacific.

He added, “The IDEOS has been designed and priced to lower the barriers to entry to allow easy mobile Internet access”.

The word IDEOUS is a combination of "ID”, “E” and "OS". ID stands for industrial design-centric hardware platform, E reflects the evolution to mobile Internet and OS depicts the operating system as the basic software platform.

The Singapore market will have access to the device in the fourth quarter of the current year.