Anonymous Launches DDoS Attack against AFACT

The activists represented by the organization "Anonymous" came up with its latest mission "Operation Payback" in Australia that aims at a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack against the Australian Federation Against Copyright Theft (AFACT).

AFACT is an embodiment of various content producers such as movie and television studios that target reducing the activities related to copyright violation in Australia. It has also launched a lawsuit against national broadband provider iiNet. DDoS attack is a move to destroy internet infrastructure by supplying numerous data to servers and network infrastructure.

Earlier also, Anonymous had made similar DDoS attacks against Federal Government websites and other communications systems, in order to raise voice against the obligatory internet filtering policy launched by Labor.

Netregistry is the host of AFACT's site, which went offline after three hours of the attack that comprised transfer of 60,000 active HTTP connections and nearly 100 megabits per second of additional bandwidth from the site, as told by Netregistry spokesperson. He also added that the attacks were made from Chile and Columbia.

"Of course, the very nature of a DDoS attack means prevention is impossible. However a combination of our cloud hosting infrastructure and active management dramatically reduced the potential impact for thousands of affected businesses”, said Netregistry Chief Executive, Larry Bloch.