TiVo and Roku Announce Access to Hulu Plus Service

Hulu is ready to move from PC to people’s living rooms, as TiVo and Roku both have announced plans to provide access to Hulu’s Plus, a fee based service from their individual set-top boxes.

Hulu Plus, which made its debut previously this year, is available only on invitation basis.

The service is available at $9.99 a month with a more comprehensive on-demand library of TV shows in the free service from the same firm.

The library comprises 7 seasons of Grey’s Anatomy, plus 3 seasons of The Greatest American Hero.

Hulu Plus is already on portable devices such as iPad and iPhone, plus via some Internet-connected TVs and Samsung’s Blu-ray players.

Along with this, the service is available on Sony's PlayStation 3 console, and the firm is saying that the service is coming to Xbox 360 by Microsoft, in the initial part of next year.

TiVo is a well recognized name and is the pioneer of the DVR market; however, its sales have plunged in the most recent years as more people have been opting to rent DVRs from cable firms as a substitute to buying one.