FCC Chairman to Move Forward on Several Proposals

On Monday, the Federal Communications Commission’s Chairman said that very soon, important parts of the Obama administration's technology plan will move ahead, which had been deferred for a long time.

Julius Genachowski stepped in as FCC’s Chairman about 15 months back, with a high-powered to-do list. He had pledged to give a boost to the U. S. broadband service and also that he would not allow cable firms to intrude with Web traffic.

The technology business was a huge fan of President Barack Obama's 2008 campaign, partly for the reason that industry executives deemed that his management wouldn’t let broadband suppliers from containing Internet traffic, a policy dubbed net neutrality.

They were also in the hope of getting access to faster, more reasonable broadband services.

However, Mr. Genachowski’s decision to delay the net neutrality plan until after the November elections drew a lot of criticism. Mr. Genachowski and his supporters have said that the agency is moving ahead on many proposals and that the criticism is unreasonable.

In an interview, Mr. Genachowski said, “I'm impatient, too. This is an important area that touches a lot, and it's important for our economy. There's a lot to do. There's a lot we've gotten done, but there's a lot to do”.