Twitter Beats MySpace in comScore’s Survey

The number of unique people visiting the social networking site, Twitter every month, has finally been able to exceed MySpace’s, in the month of August.

Marketing research Company, comScore extracted the information that even though Twitter came at the third place amongst the social networking site’s group, on the overall top 50 properties’ list, it held the bottommost rank.

The lead taken by Twitter outdoing MySpace was by marginal level, which was 96 million versus 95 million.

For the 2009 August till this year’s August, the level of growth seen by Twitter is 76%, whilst MySpace plunged by 17%.

For now, Twitter has turned into a publishing and topic discussion platform and MySpace is working hard to place itself well amongst the youngsters, who are mainly interested in music and games.

Both the sites can be successful at tempting all those brand houses that desire to reach new people, but at the same time, for various brands the tools would also be different.

Taking advantage of the new found admiration and publicity, Twitter revamped its website, which now might compel people to use Twitter and leave the ones that they are using now.

This in all probabilities will increase the count of unique visitors of Twitter.