Cowra Shire Council to Support School’s Positive Behaviour for Learning Program

According to reports, for two years, Cowra High School's Positive Behaviour for Learning program (PBL) will be supported by Cowra Shire Council.

Mayor, Bill West is of the opinion that PBL is a school-wide method to behaviour, employed to make sure that the school culture is constructive.

Cr West says, "The school recently contacted council seeking support for the PBL, which is a rewards-based system that recognises students when they demonstrate a targeted behaviour".

Cowra High School Principal, Geoff Wooldridge said that positive focus in the school will be beneficial not only for the school, but also for town of Cowra.

In a letter to council, he said that the logic behind this program is that if the pupils imbibe constructive values, there will be an enhancement in classroom conduct. This, in turn, will have an effect on good learning levels throughout the school.

It has been reported that for the initial two years of the program, the Council has agreed to give $400 in cash or kind a year.

The PBL is an admirable proposal by the school and the council is more than happy to offer its support, said Cr West.