Childhood Tooth Decay Problem Increasing

Due to poor oral health, the children in Gold Coast region are undergoing surgery to get rid of the rotten teeth.

It is a matter of great concern and children between the age group of four and six are the hardest hit. The statistics show that one in three children is suffering from rotten teeth.

Dr. Michael Chong, who is the only dentist in Gold Coast, says that the main reason behind dental decay is the consumption of sugar-rich diets and a lack of oral health education in parents.

Dr. Michael said that many children are losing their baby teeth only six months after their formation, which is quite an alarming situation.

Dentists and academics in Perth are urging parents to take their children for regular oral check-ups to prevent more cases of teeth decay.

In a shocking incident, a mother in Queensland didn't take her nine-year-old daughter to a dentist for check-up for over three years and was quite lenient in allowing her daughter to have drink, as a result 12 teeth had to be extracted and the daughter developed gum abscess. On account of child-cruelty charges, the mother was sent to jail for a year.

Neil Hewson, who is the President of Australian Dental Association, expressed his concern over the growing childhood tooth decay problem and suggested that fluoridation of Queensland's water supply could lead to a reduction in tooth decay.