Obesity Becoming a Threat for Scotland Children

As per the official figures, one in 10 boys in Scotland is suffering from severe obesity and almost all children don't consume sufficient fruits and vegetables.

In 2009, around 30% of the Scottish boys with ages between 2 and 15 were overweight and 9.4% were extremely obese. About 27% of the girls were overweight and morbid obesity was found in 7.3% of the girls in Scotland. Nearly 86% of the children were not taking adequate amount of fruits and vegetables.

The fraction of children consuming oily fish has surged to 13% from 8% in 2003, as brought out by the new Scottish Executive figures. Those eating crisps dropped to 36% from 50%in boys, while in girls the proportion slid to 35% from 53%.

According to the Scottish Health Survey, nearly 18% of men and 16% of women in Scotland are threatened to get affected with diseases such as type-2 diabetes and heart disease, conditions related to heavy weight.

"These latest figures must act as a serious wake up call for the Scottish government on the obesity crisis unfolding in front of our eyes", said Ross Finnie, Health Spokesman Scottish Liberal Democrat.

Though ministers in Scotland are arguing that the obesity figures are falling but the opposition is of the view that the nation is experiencing a grave problem of obesity.