Cheryl Admits that She was Afraid of Being Alone

It was difficult for Cheryl Cole to live alone after the breakdown of her marriage. The actress has admitted that she was afraid of being alone and it was a tough decision to split with Ashley Cole, a footballer who cheated on her.

She says that giving divorce to Ashley was right decision, but still she was unable to that.

Chezza had words with The Mirror about being single. She said that to handle everything own your own is something very difficult but gradually and she will surely manage to come out of it but gradually.

“It was scary and exciting at the same time, but definitely the right thing to do", The Girls Aloud beauty continued.

It has been claimed by Cheryl that Ashley has betrayed her and she was confident about her words.

However, she also accepts the fact that one has to take what comes on the way. She said she will accept the truth of life and must learn a lesson out of it.

Cheryl took the decision of breaking her marriage because she had a doubt between the relationship of Ashley and Derek Hough, Dancing with the Stars ace.

Hough has talked about Ashley in her new book called Through My Eyes.