New Centre at Main Street Combines Health and Social Services

On Monday, the inauguration of a new centre took place by provincial and WRHA officials that contains health care and social services, along with for the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority.

The centre covers 80,000-square-foot land and is situated at Main Street and Logan Avenue. It was built with the funds worth $30-million. Earlier, there were two movie theatres on the site. The new facility has incorporated 640 people including 160 WRHA administrators.

There will be services including a clinic, public health, community mental health, midwifery, a dental clinic, Child and Family Services staff, and employment and income assistance, etc. in the new centre, which the inhabitants of Downtown has been facilitated with.

“The new centre could play an important role in the area's revival and ensure that Main Street once again enjoys glory days”, said Gord Mackintosh, Family Services and Consumer Affairs Minister.

He added that the other developments that would enhance the commercialization at Main Street include refurbishment of the Bell Hotel located north of the centre, the new United Way complex at Main and Alexander and the Youth for Christ centre at Higgins.

The space is being leased from a private developer by the WRHA and for making improvements; it has to apply funds worth $6.6 million.