Teacher Breaks Protocol by Testing Students

The Tasmanian Education Department has stated that the teacher who took blood samples of her students had broken guidelines issued by the Education Department. The report released by the department also stated that conducting blood tests on students was not a part of the curriculum.

The report released by the department is in reference to an incident that took place in the previous month. The teacher had reportedly used two lancets to take blood samples of 19 children and only used methylated spirits to cleanse the lancets.

The children from the eighth, ninth and tenth grade have been advised to undergo a hepatitis and HIV test following the incident. The guidelines that have been breached by the teacher are related to the ban on the participation of students in blood tests.

Ms. Linn Thorp, the education minister while releasing the report though stated that despite the breach of protocol there were no other issues regarding the incident. She added that the qualification of the teacher was not a problem.

However, Michael Ferguson felt that the qualifications of the teacher were the real issue as she was not qualified for teaching senior science in high schools. The harried teacher, however, contacted ABC to inform that she was certified for teaching junior secondary science.

Leanne Wrights from the Tasmania’s Education Union while commenting on the incident stated that there needs to be a clearer communication to teachers from the education department related to the guidelines of teaching.