Tortured Children Used for Social Security Payments by Mother

Eight children who were tortured and subjected to starvation by their mother were reportedly being used by their mother as the means for income through social security payments. The case involving a mother and her eight children has come up to be one of the most crude and shocking cases of domestic abuse in South Australia.

The woman after tormenting her children for a span of two years expected the famished children to forgive her for her wrongdoings. Another shocking revelation that has come up is that the woman was using the social security payments to gamble, eat out in restaurants and for cigarettes.

The woman had pleaded guilty in court for two counts of endangering life and three counts of risking serious bodily harm on five of the eight children. The woman was caught only after she took one of her child to the hospital after his body temperature fell down to 26 degrees.

The child after receiving medical attention was diagnosed with hypothermia, scabies and a serious head injury. The defense lawyer for the woman, Andrew English pleaded mercy for his client. He stated that the woman would be targeted in jail and also stated that due to problems faced in childhood, she had become emotionally numb.

The judge is yet to hand out any punishment to the woman and is expected to announce his judgment in the month of October. The woman’s name has not yet been revealed.