Body Found in Burnt Car in Perth: Police Suspect Foul Play

According to police sources, a body of a male has been found in car that was burnt out in a Perth suburban shopping centre car park.

Post the information received, the Major Crime Squad detectives reached the scene so as initiate the probe. On Tuesday, at about 2am (WST) the car is reported to have caught fire at the Bassendean shopping centre in the city's east.

As per the police sources, they suspect foul play, however, no details were divulged by the authorities. After spotting the fire, a resident called the fire brigade. The firefighters after discovering the body in the burnt car reported the same to the police.

Also, it is reported that a big team of the forensic police has also been investigating the case and were present at the incident scene.

No further headway has been achieved by the investigating forces on the identity of the man.