Aspirin Inspections Might Provide Relief to Acute Migraine

According to reports, an injection made from liquid aspirin might turn out to be a new useful treatment for migraine. Instead of swallowing the drug, it is infused directly into the bloodstream.

It is said that each jab consists of one gram of aspirin, which is ten times more than the amount that majority of the people would take to seek relief from a normal headache or joint pain.

A new study has revealed that injecting high doses of liquid aspirin into the blood can clamp down the immense pain and provide relief to the patients suffering from severe migraine attacks.

Sometimes the pain is so acute that the patient has to be taken to the hospital for treatment. It is expected that with this novel treatment, it won’t be required. Moreover, it may also be helpful in cutting down the costs and the NHS might be able to make considerable savings. The price of aspirin is one-third the cost of the costly migraine tablets called triptans.

The research was conducted by the doctors at the University of California in San Francisco. They are hopeful that the treatment can be used extensively to treat severe headaches in people.

Study leader, Professor Peter Goadsby, who is also a trustee of The Migraine Trust in the UK, said aspirin jabs are as effective as the most commonly used drugs to treat acute migraine.

He said, “We hope to make this inexpensive therapy more available to patients seeking treatment for severe pain”.