Nokia researchers developed first smartphone, but executives rejected

Finnish handset manufacturer Nokia could have achieved dominance over the smartphone market, if its executives hadn’t rejected the first smartphone.

In an interview with the New York Times, former Nokia employee Ari Hakkarainen said that Nokia researchers had developed a smartphone prototype in 2004, but the company's management rejected the model, claiming it would be a costly flop.

Commenting on the topic, Hakkarainen said, “It was an expensive device to produce, so there was more risk involved for Nokia. So management did the usual. They killed it.”

Apple launched its first smartphone (iPhone) in 2007 and managed to sell 50 million units globally, which provided the company with dominant power over the smartphone market.

Now, Nokia is desperately trying to surpass Apple in the field of smartphone market. In their desperation to gain a considerable share in the smartphone market, Nokia has teamed up with carrier AT&T and announced the 2010 Nokia Calling All Innovators North America Contest for developers to create apps for company’s upcoming smartphones.

The duo has kept aside $10 million for the competition to award the winner developers.