Drivers Beware of road texting ban

Massachusetts drivers who text behind the wheel might have to face a tough time after Thursday, commencing a texting ban.

The drivers will be charged with fines up to $500 per incident and at the same time the law refrains one from browsing the internet via a phone or mobile device while driving.

The law forbids all under the age of 18 from speaking on cell phone while being on wheels. A national body for highway safety will not be banning the usage of cell phone fully whilst driving.

The Governors Highway Safety Association vouched for the same proposition in Kansas City at an annual meet but preferred to opt for table the measure.

GHSA spokesperson Jonathan Adkins stated that the only issue with this ban is the likeliness if the cell phone actually increases the likelihood of crashes or merely curbs the behavior.

GHSA associates have been appointed in order to take care of the situation and at the same time take to administer state and federal highway funds, implement state highway safety plans and better national norms. The aim is to offer endorsements for drivers and cell phone users in case of new drivers and bus drivers.

Meanwhile more than 550 GHSA members were present at the Hyatt Regency Crown Center in Wednesday.