Waking up the Sleeping Giant of Patient Power!

There are questions if the Coalition Government in Westminster would be able to awaken the sleeping giant of patient power!

One of the major problems relating health policy is that how to make the health service deliver the apt thing, which in turn would help improving the quality and efficiency of the services for those who direly need it any given point.

Since there is no easy way to make that happen effortlessly, very deliberate decisions have had to be made over the period, wherein, some lose and some gain.

Over the years, various techniques have been applied, each time wishing that it becomes a success.

For some time, professionals become the ultimate authority, to decide over tackling such troublesome situations and when they fail, turning towards the Government seems the only way to get some help.

The Secretary of State for Health, Andrew Lansley is now thinking of the third way. In the month of July, he published a White Paper, named as Equity and Excellence: Liberating the NHS.

It seems that Mr. Lansley actually desires waking up the sleeping giant of patient power.

The White Paper states: “We aim to create the largest social enterprise sector in the world”.