The FDA Unsure About the Approval of GM-Engineered Fish

The AquaBounty Technologies are due to come up with their first-ever genetically-engineered fish. This is actually an Atlantic salmon but has genes those of the Chinook salmon and the ocean pout.

While this is being done keeping in mind the stress that is laid on wild stocks due to the increasing demand, the FDA is still not sure if it wants to approve the deal. This new supersalmon with different genes are said to grow twice as fast as a regular salmon.

Consumer’s Union Senior Scientist Michael Hansen is still not sure about the safety linked with this genetically engineered fish and says that the test are ‘woefully incomplete’. Some allergy risks too are being linked with the consumption of this new type of fish, as reports suggest that the risk of allergies are much more in comparison to the risks involved in the intake of a regular salmon.

A commercial fisherman in Charleston, South Carolina says, "Genetically modified food is just a bad deal. This will attack our marketplace. It'll come on the market so cheap that people will buy it, because we're all on a budget”.

A sanction from the FDA would mark the beginning of the new GM-engineered animal food which will be more easy and fast to harvest.