Dubious Rabies Vaccine Takes Life of Four-Year-Old, Eight Arrested

It has been reported that as many as eight people have been arrested in southern China on the account of producing and selling fake rabies vaccines.

The state media brought forth on Monday that the fake vaccines were used by the local clinics and led to the death of a four-year-old boy, post the boy was jabbed.

Last year in December, a dog had bitten a four year old boy and received the six rabies shots.

The latest incident in China has yet again brought to light the inefficiency in the supervision of the country's giant food and drug industry.

Also, as per the Government, the annual death count in China due to rabies is on an average more than 2,000 per year, which makes it the second player after India.

As per the reports, the dubious vaccines were manufactured in a workshop that was situated underground and the same were sold at 330,000 Yuan (49,250 dollars).

The China Daily posted that earlier this year as many as 1,260 doses of the illegal vaccines were found by the authorities in the Guangxi region. Further, majority of the doses had been put to use in the hospitals and clinics of Laibin city.