Blame the Genes for that Migraine

According to a study that was published in the medical journal, Nature Medicine, people would be surprised to know that a defect in genes is actually responsible for that never-ending unbearable headache, the world knows as a migraine.

The researchers were able to blame the genes after they were able to identify a defected gene in a large group of people suffering from migraine. The study has further held the flawed gene to be responsible for triggering the agonizing headaches, as well.

Dr. Zameel Cader from the University of Oxford while commenting on the find stated that the discovery of the cause was a progressive step in understanding more about migraines. Statistics have further stated that 20% of the people in the world suffer from migraine and it is also known to be a major reason for disability in the world.

The study that discovered the cause of migraine was conducted by scientists, with some belonging to the Medical Research Council’s Functional Genomics Unit, University of Oxford. They were able to identify the gene known as TRESK to be directly responsible for causing migraine among sufferers.

The study also further revealed that if the gene was not responsible for migraine, then environmental factors were a major reason behind triggering bouts of migraine. The new revelations made by the study would go a long way in finding new drugs to combat the agonizing pain of migraines.