Health Officers in WA Urge People to Get Vaccinated Against Swine Flu

The instance of teen, Andrew Allan's death has alarmed health officers in Western Australia.

The teenage boy arrived at Northam Hospital and was given paracetamol by a nurse on September 17.

He was critical, running high fever and had also been vomiting, yet, there was no doctor to attend upon him.

Health officers now are of the belief that his illness could have stemmed due to swine flu, and this is why they are now urging people to get jabbed against the virus.

For the year, nine deaths have been reported because of swine flu.

Kim Snowball, the Director General of Health said that the region got late flu season so this was an opportunity, and was also high time for the community to take responsibility at getting jabbed.

The Office of the State Coroner investigated Andrew Allan's death and found that he developed swine flu with another bacterial infectivity.

In the report, it has been concluded that his death was caused by asphyxiation.

David Mountain, Australian Medical Association state President divulged that no less than 300 patients would lose their lives in WA hospices in the year due to over-jamming and meager resourcing to handle difficult scenarios.