Study Says Health Lies in Wealth

As per a new study conducted by the University of Canberra's National Centre for Social and Economic Modeling, poor people in Australia are three times more prone to death than the wealthy people.

The report, `The Health Lies in Wealth', mentions that people of economically weaker section generally die at the age of 79.6 as compared to the highest socio-economic group, who die at 82.7 years.

According to the report, 65% of lower-income group people in the country suffer from long-term health problems as opposed to only 15% of highest-income group.

The main factors that determine health outcomes are family income, employment status, education level, and other support systems.

Martin Laverty, who is the Chief Executive of Catholic Health Australia, said the report indicates that the education level of a person decides the manner in which the person will die. For the study, the data from 75 hospitals and above 500 aged care services were analyzed.

Father Frank Brennan from the Australian Catholic University said if a person belongs to a poor dysfunctional family without education, then the health outcomes will be bad as compared to those who come from a well-educated, wealthy family.

Laverty also said this problem can be sorted out by improving education in schools and initiating welfare support programs.