Three-Hour Ambulance Delay to be Investigated

The delay in the response of paramedics to a call to help a man with lethal health condition after consuming detergent, who later on gave up life, will be investigated by the Ambulance Victoria.

On Saturday night, a 50 years old man drank detergent at his Burwood home. The incidence reflected that he tried to harm him. But, after that he called for the ambulance for help. The first call was received at 11.28pm, but the paramedics didn't visit the man's home till 2.38am. At 2.50 a. m., after a three hour delay, the team visited the place of incident.

The delay was perverse and during the delay period, the man spoke to the authorities a number of times on the phone, as told by James Howe to 3AW, Ambulance Victoria.

He said, "He was conscious and breathing throughout. He was conscious and breathing when our paramedics arrived. Unfortunately, after they arrived he collapsed and went into cardiac arrest".

He further added that the Saturday night was quite busy, with call-outs surging by half. There were 180 calls made between midnight and 2.50am

In addition, he expressed that the issue would be inquired by Victoria Police and their quality appraisal team.