DEA’s Initiative to Dispose of Unwanted Prescriptions

The Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) has started an initiative to dispose of excess medicines in the medicine cabinets all over the country.

For this purpose, DEA has installed as many as 4,000 `take-back' drop-off points across the country, so that the people can easily discard their unused, expired, and unwanted pills.

The main aim behind the DEA's new initiative is to deal with the drug problem, where children in the United States have an easy access to drugs in their own houses.

Officer Steve Quintano of the Dumont, N. J., Police Department states, "Kids are having parties these days where that's the topic of the party, prescription drugs".

On Saturday, Robin Green, an engineer by profession, brought a bag full of prescription bottles and over-the-counter drugs to dispose them of to one of the take-back counters.

He said that these medicines are almost 10 years old and most of the medicines are from her mother's house, who is 86 years old and keeps a hoard of medicines.

Many people said that they hide the unwanted medicines in cat litter or coffee grounds to prevent the children from reaching the drugs.

Many flush them in the toilets, which in turn contaminate the water supply. People are appreciating the DEA's initiative.

Many volunteers are also participating in the campaign and helping the DEA agents in the working sites across the region.