A Close Watch on Adverse Effects of Avandia Drug

Shanghai's Food and Drug Administration officials will keep a watch on the adverse reactions to Avandia following concerns over the risk of heart disease.

The anti-diabetic drug has been significantly controlled in the US and its sale in Europe is still under consideration.

Shanghai's officials have asked the makers of the drug, GlaxoSmithKline, to provide report of any adverse cases in the city.

Obama Government has decided to allow the sales of the drug, but with strict restrictions. Some scientists are not in favour the Government's decision.

As per the Nissen analysis, the FDA can't decide on its own about the information needed to make drug. Dr. Nissen presented the results of several clinical trials to mention that Avandia significantly increased the risk of heart disease.

Under the new regulation, the drug will now be used for those patients, who are unable to control the diabetes with the help of other treatment option and those current patients, whose diabetes is under control by the use of this drug.

Dr. Jia Weiping, who is the Director of the Shanghai Diabetes Institute, will hold a meeting with the State Food and Drug Administration to discuss the usage of the drug across the country.

Jia said, "Local patients shouldn't panic about the news of Avandia, since its dosage for Chinese patients is much lower than that for US and European patients".