Government proposes hump-free 20mph zones

The Government has advised councils to slash the speed limits to 20mph in the residential areas and near schools across the country.

The proposal will allow councils to introduce 20mph zones without having to install traffic calming measures like humps.

The development followed a fresh research that revealed that 20mph zones reported a fall of 40 per cent in road causalities.

The Government has already tried the idea of 20mph limits in Portsmouth, where it gave very encouraging results.

Now, the Government wants to introduce the 20mph limits in other areas that are popular with pedestrians without using unavoidable traffic calming measures such as humps.

Commenting on the issue, the Road Safety Minister Paul Clark said, “We have seen that 20 mph zones with traffic calming measures can make a real difference to the safety of local roads.”

The Department for Transport is calling on councils to respond to its new proposal for 20mph zones devoid of humps.