Britain: Increasing in number of teens having gastric band or stomach stapling surgery

The latest buzz in UK is invasive weight-loss surgery, which is being opted by children as young as 14 and shelling out £14,000for one time, reports NHS.

The official reports speak of the increase in number of obese teenagers who have had undergone gastric bypasses, stomach stapling or gastric banding.

In cases of celebrities like the Fern Britton, who lost five stones after a gastric band surgery, is accused for support the cause of similar procedures, and at the same time there are safety fears attached to it.

Operations have grown ten times and presently the charge for NHS is £32million a year at the moment of crisis. Questions by Labour MP Gloria De Piero state that it might be the first time children are having the surgery.

However in the year 2004, no one under the age of 18 was allowed to undergo through a gastric bypass, gastric band or stomach stapling on the NHS, and Health Service guidelines stated that operations weren’t offered for any under age.

Health minister Anne Milton has told the Commons that last year 13 surgeries were performed. Miss De Piero, a former GMTV host, said: ‘The numbers are relatively small but it is a very worrying trend. Surely exercise or non-surgical options like a healthy eating programme should always come first? Apart from anything else, it’s an appalling waste of money for the NHS when cheaper options are available. It seems that operations which are very serious and have lifelong implications for patients are being seen as quick fixes.’

The whole idea is to amend the whole attitude to food, not radical surgery and this should not be the option at first complains the Ian Campbell, of the charity Weight Concern.