Alberta’s Environment Minister Warns Energy Industry against Toxin Levels in Oilsands

Alberta's Environment Minister said that energy industry might have to face stricter regulations; given an independent review of oilsands water evaluation data depicts poisonous levels in the Athabasca River.

"If the review indicates that more needs to be done to protect the watershed from industrial activity, we're committed to doing so", Rob Renner said Friday.

The Minister said that the main responsibility is to save the environment. If at any point, it is identified that danger lurks around, more protection would need to be given, and then apt measures will be brought in concerning the same.

Edmonton is trying to create a single committee of scientists, so as to evaluate how a squad from University of Alberta, led by Ecologist Dr. David Schindler relates the poison levels in the Athabasca to oilsands developments.

On the other hand, the Government and industry has maintained that the toxin levels found were occurring in their natural course from bitumen leakage.

The committee would comprise six scientists, where would compare techniques considered by the experts and also that the way in which the data is handled.

Also, new collection of data would not be allowed.