Girl’s Brain Cut and Built Again like Jigsaw: Docs Do a Commendable Job

In a bizarre case, a girl was born with a head so small that her brain did not get suffice place to grow normally.

In the wake of such a scenario, the doctors performed a surgery that required the head of a six months old baby girl to be cut apart, and then be rebuilt together.

The baby, Phoebe Grimes underwent the operation by the way of which her brain got the room to grow normally; however, the doctors also rebuilt her head back like a ‘jigsaw’.

The parents of the child, Claire and Steve agreed for the op as they were told by the docs that in case the state was left untreated, the growing brain of the infant would get squeezed in a small place.

Elucidating further, the experts said that the skulls of the newborns are fragile. The skulls are made of five separate plates of bone, which as per the maturity, are fused. They explained that in the case of Phoebe, her skull fused in the womb, which is known as craniosynostosis; and is a rare condition.

For the operation, the surgeons at Birmingham Children's Hospital toiled for more than six hours so as to open the skull of the baby from ear to ear. Further, they left gaps since the skull had to be put back again.

Recollecting the difficult time, mum Claire, 34, said "When the surgeons told us they had to cut her head apart like a jigsaw I felt sick. But there was no choice".