Revolt brewing on the rates

On Thursday night feelings were consecutively high as Agnes Water/Seventeen Seventy ratepayers expressed their dissatisfaction with the Gladstone Regional Council at a community meeting.

The accommodation at the new Agnes Water Surf Club were totally occupied as the Associate for Burnett Rob Messenger chaired a local rally entitle by ratepayers annoyed by the newest rate increase.

Mr. Messenger expressed that Agnes Water and Seventeen Seventy ratepayers shall be having few of the uppermost charge for rates of services and water in Australia. Mr. Messenger further expressed that they aim to set jointly a letter, pull together the minutes from the conference and propel it to (acting mayor) Gail Sellers and the council.

Subsequently showing faith in the reply they said that that they have invited them to one more community conference and anxiously get them to pay attention and to take action. Lot of ratepayers at the conference said that they are disappointed at having the uppermost rates in the region. In many occasion higher than some of Australia's elite coastal suburbs and cities and for what they thought was minor in the means of services.

Another expressed that the Democracy has failed them while joining up and amongst one the Agnes Water ratepayer expressed that the Beachside sites such as Bargara and Yeppoon (Rockhampton) give approximately $3000 and they pay $5000 in Seventeen Seventy and some pay $6000 and further it keeps on reaching up and next year it shall l be more than $7000.