Clear Your Medicine Cabinets of Unused, Expired Drugs

Law enforcement has ordered that residents should remove unused, expired prescription drugs from their medicine cabinet. It is being done to avoid a situation where your kids might get hold of these medicines and land up in trouble.

There’s also a possibility that a burglar might break into your house looking for drugs, so as to sell them in the black market. So, to prevent such unpleasant situations, law enforcement wants everybody to get rid of unwanted medicines from their homes.

Many area police agencies are therefore, extending their support to a national Drug Enforcement Administration program. Today, they will be gathering unsafe, expired and unnecessary prescription drugs from over 3,400 countrywide sites.

Specialists say that massive numbers of drugs are lying in US houses, which are open to burglary, leading to a booming black market.

Acting Deputy Attorney General, Gary G. Grindler said, “With this National Prescription Drug Take-Back campaign, we are aggressively reaching out to individuals to encourage them to rid their households of unused prescription drugs that pose a safety hazard and can contribute to prescription drug abuse”.

It was revealed in a national survey that a lot of US citizens misuse prescription drugs, compared to the combined usage of cocaine, heroin and hallucinogens.

Authorities said that making use of this no-questions-asked program is a good way of disposing off the unwanted drugs.