For the Survival of Socialism, Cuba Government Allows Private Businesses

Friday came as a new dawn in the life of the Cubans. The Government said that it would approve or expand private venture in 178 activities, varying from repair of watch to massages. This will be done in order to bolster the survival of communalism.

Cuba residents now have the freedom to start restaurants, mend houses and cars, give training to animals, sell wine, work as clowns, provide transport and start several other businesses. These endeavors were not allowed by the communist-led Government earlier.

Communist Party newspaper Granma included the Government’s proposal, which says that it is mulling over to offer bank credits to the new entrepreneurs. For the foremost time, they will take on workers, ever since the small industries were nationalized in the year 1968.

Granma said that though the move is taken from entrepreneurship, the primary objective of the reform is to "defend, maintain and continue perfecting socialism" by giving a boost to productivity.

Also, self employment lends a person "another way of feeling useful with his personal effort".

It is pertinent to mention that similar measures were adopted in the 1990s. Subsequent to the collapse of the Caribbean island's important patron, the Soviet Union, Cuba had tried to stand up its economy.