Oracle to offer software as a service from Australian data-centre

Multinational software giant Oracle has confirmed that it would begin offering software as a service from an Australian data-centre.

The technology firm said it would launch its on-demand customer relationship management platform in Australia via an agreement with hosting firm Harbour MSP.

Australian data-centre of the Harbour MSP is based in the substantial Global Switch facility at Ultimo in Sydney.

The report was first of all made public by iTNews, which had quoted the Oracle executive Steve Au Yeung saying that although the definition of cloud computing meant it didn’t matter where data was stored, but sometimes Governments wanted data locally.

iTNews had also claimed that the service was scheduled to go live by November 2010.

Oracle has showed preference Australia at a time when many other multinational cloud computing software firms have consistently raised objections about establishing data-centers in Australia. Cloud computing software firms prefer Singapore as the next closest option to Australia. also hosts its data-centers overseas, just as does software behemoth Microsoft with its hosted Business Productivity Online Suite.

Customer organizations, especially in the deeply regulated financial services sector, as well as government organizations have consistently been requesting locally hosted data-centers from service providers.