Sexual Problems May Arise After Breast Cancer

Sexual issues are something to be worried in case of breast cancer survivors, as per the new study.

The finding was based on a poll of1,000 women who were treated for breast cancer, where approximately three-quarters of people younger than 70 who complained of having sexual issues, like lowered sexual activity, two years after suffering of breast cancer.

Lead Mary Panjari, a researcher at Monash University Medical School in Prahran, Australia stated: "We see a large number of women who tell us this is an issue. The finding that 70 percent had sexual problems after diagnosis and initial treatment ... puts numbers to the anecdotal findings."

Panjari and her associates surveyed 1,684 women in Australia in a year after the finding of the fact associated with the fact about the breast cancer. The questions belonged to facts such as breast cancer treatment, partner status, body image, menopausal symptoms and sexual functioning et al.

It was found that 707 who had issues relating to sexual sufferings claimed that their sex life was better before breast cancer.

Cancer medications and body image also added to the sexual stoppages and women who took aromatase inhibitors were 2.5 times more prone to have sexual function problems. The aromatase inhibitors block tumor growth in case of estrogen-sensitive breast cancer patients by reducing estrogen content in body.

Women who ask for a satisfying sex life consider themselves to be frivolous and some feel blissed to be alive.