The Owls of Ga’Hoole’, an Epic for the Box-Office and Children Alike

Zack Snyder is one of those directors, who is absolutely stunning in directing epic movies. The director of movies like 300 and Watchmen has done it again! Though not with a movie full of blood and gore this time.

Snyder has been successful in directing Legend of The Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole into a movie with absolutely stunning and out of the world special effects. Though, one thing that is so predictable about the movie is the script. However, if looked at as an epic for children, the movie still deserves a round of a roaring applause.

The movie has been an adaptation of many books from the author Kathryn Lasky. The lead character of the movie is Soren, a young barn owl. Soren in the movie is in love with hearing tales about two types of owl factions: the sadistic Pure Ones and the feisty Guardians.

One night, while flying in the dark Soren and his brother Kludd are kidnapped by the Pure Ones, who plan to be the rulers of the owl world. Soren though, manages to escape and inform the Guardians about the kidnapping of his brother. However, Kludd is lured by the beauty of the Pure queen by the Pure Ones.

The story by the end of the movie takes a predictable shape. Still, the movie ends up being a box-office smasher for the kids. They will love it!