Iconic 50s Singer, Eddie Fisher, Dies of Hip Surgery Complications

Eddie Fisher, the iconic singer from the 50s and father of Carrie Fisher, the Star Wars celebrity, gave in yesterday.

He was admitted in a hospital in Berkeley, Calif., and was undergoing treatment for experiencing hip surgery complications.

The 82 year old, was a veteran in the showbiz, and ever since 1959, was in the same industry.

This is also the year when he left his wife Debbie Reynolds, in order to tie the knot with Elizabeth Taylor.

Along with Reynolds, Fisher starred in the 1956 movie musical comedy, "Bundle of Joy" and then starred with Taylor, who split her ways from Richard Burton in the drama 'Butterfield 8' in 1960.

Eddie Fisher is one such famous name, who was at the peak of his career and also made headlines for his marriages and divorces.

In his last moments, Fisher was at his place in Berkley, and in company of his daughter, Tricia Leigh Fisher, he left for his heavenly abode.

It was between 1950 and 1956 that Fisher recorded maximum songs that were a part of top 40 songs and then finally reached the No. 1 spot.

Fisher's birthplace is Philadelphia and was born on 10th August, in 1928.