Douglas is Back with ‘Money Never Sleeps’

Despite his cancer, Michael Douglas would be participating in the promotion for his new movie “Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps”. This movie would be the sequel of the 1987 movie, Wall Street.

The movie would feature Douglas as Gordon Gekko, Shia LaBeouf and Carey Mulligan, as Gekko’s daughter. From the original stars of Wall Street, Charlie Sheen would be taking the same old role in the new movie. In addition, the movie would star Frank Langella and Josh Brolin.

The new movie is expected to gain audience not just those of the younger generations, but also those who have witnessed the original Wall Street in the movie theatres and liked it. The new movie cost a whooping $53 million.

In the new movie, the slick-haired Wall Street genius would become gray-haired, replacing his smart outfits with more casual, open collared attires. Despite the loss of the family, and the money in addition to the incarceration, Gekko is not willing to give up his hopes.

The plot revolves around the business of LaBeouf, taking the role of Jake, the boyfriend of Gekko’s daughter, and his desire to take his rival down. With the help of Gekko’s knowledge of the market and the insider information he provides, Jake, after being involved in street fights and motorcycle races, manages to get his way.