Vince Cable Not Likely to Resign

Vince Cable spewed venom at the capitalists, while speaking in a conference of Anglo-Germans. The Business Secretary of the Liberal Democrats was all arms against capitalists, by calling them gamblers of the city.

The statements made by Cable, have led to an angry reaction from all corners of the capitalist word. The previous Chief of the Confederation of British Industry, Digby Jones commented that Mr. Vince Cable was out of his sane mind and shouldn’t be raising such astounding accusations.

Richard Lambert, Director-General of the Confederation of British Industry has come out against the irrational language used by Mr. Vince Cable at the congregation. In comparison to the reaction of the rest of the economic world, the reaction of these two gentlemen was the most subtle.

Vince Cable is known to make unpopular statements. It was only in the previous year when Vince cable announced a mansion tax, which resulted in the fury of many MPs. Most of the co-party workers contesting at constituencies nearby were left of the fear of losing out on votes because of the irrational statement he made.

In fact even last year, Mr. Cable did not joke about the comments he made. He was dead serious about the statement and it was only on the intervention of senior party members that he retracted and corrected his statement.