Two Experts Say, ROMHC may Serve as a Living Lab to Combat Depression

Two top mental health specialists have said that the Royal Ottawa Mental Health Centre might turn into a living laboratory and would produce new therapies in order to treat workplace depression. It may set an example in the nation.

Head of Psychiatry, Dr. Rajiv Bhatta is of the view that the ROMHC has well-known researchers and medics from across the world. It also boasts of progressive technology and expertise to join hands with the Federal Government to unearth novel techniques to detect, avoid and cure depression.

Bhatta said that they need to see what can be done to combat the problem of depression, and improve treatment and research for the same.

Bhatta, who is also Chief of staff at ROMHC said, "There's a tremendous opportunity to have a structured demonstration project with the appropriate branch of the Federal Government ... that could be a model for other places".

Dr. Zul Merali, Chief Executive of the University of Ottawa Institute of Mental Health Research, which is the research division of the hospital, shared his opinion.

He said that this is a great opportunity to strike an alliance between the Federal Government and the hospital. They require starting conversation to analyze what they can do and how they can help.