The Welfare Agencies Must Know More About Their Consumers’ Difficulties

The Commonwealth Ombudsman, Allan Asher, published a report under the name of 'Falling through the cracks', revealing that the welfare providers in the Government is not paying the due attention to the social security of the mentally ill consumers.

He stated in his report that he is concerned regarding the fact that the recipient of the social security services face a lot of challenges and that the Government is not succeeding in providing them with the atmosphere that would comply with the nature of their mental illnesses.

One of the worst experiences that the mentally ill consumer goes through in a welfare providing agency is that he/she would have to recount their story over and over to every personnel they meet. In addition, a large number of them fail to communicate with the agencies. As a result, the consumer ends up in poverty and desertion.

The Ombudsman used data from the report of Centrelink, stating that 45%, of the Australian population, aging from 16 to 85 years old, are prone to go through the experience of a mental disorder.

'Falling through the cracks' does not throw the blame on the welfare agencies but on the system that does not meet the customers’ demands or accommodate their needs.

He said, "The system really does need to bend over backwards to try and stop people falling through the cracks”.