NSW Nurses' Association Illawarra Envoy Condemns Outdated Nurse-to-Patient Calculating Tool

Angela Pridham, NSW Nurses' Association Illawarra envoy has shown antagonism against an old-fashioned tool that is still being used to calculate state hospital wards’ nursing levels.

As claimed by Ms. Pridham, the set tool and condition have failed to match up with the alterations that have come up concerning the profession and scenario where a high number of patients visiting the medical service houses has been seen, who live longer but also develop very complicated conditions.

The calculating equation taken into consideration by The General Workload Calculation Tool is the number of patients and level of seriousness of their health, with the help of which, number of nurses are appointed to each and every ward in the hospital.

Ms. Pridham said for now, nursing has taken a complex form. "Nurses have to be much more aware of all the systems that can fail while a patient is in hospital. This tool ... doesn't really provide for that”.

She was amongst one of those envoys from all across NSW, who gave a thumbs-up to the campaign initiated by the union to devise minimum nurse-to-patient ratio in community healthcare outlets and public hospitals.

The demand that has been put by the union is that minimum one nurse takes care of four patients in medical and surgical units, where for now the ratio of nurse-to-patient is 1:7 for night shifts.