Microsoft to ensure more frequent Halo releases

Phil Spencer, the Vice President at Microsoft Game Studios, said that the company was considering new ways to ensure that new Halo games hit store shelves more frequently.

In an interview with IGN, Phil Spencer said that Halo fans looking to get new games might not have to wait for too long in the coming years.

Speaking on the topic, he said, “There’s no explicit strategy that says we’re to ship a Halo game every year. I will say I think one Halo game every three years — which was kind of our old cadence – is probably not frequent enough.”

Mr. Spencer added that by waiting for a long time to release a major update to the franchise, the company could impair overall engagement.

He also indicated that the company could mark the 10th anniversary next year by remaking the original Halo game and rolling it out on the new Xbox 360 gaming console, possibly by using Xbox Live service to deliver the game.

It seems as if the company has already initiated its annual strategy as its latest Halo game (Halo: Reach) hit store shelves last week, just one after its Halo 3: ODST hit store shelves.