Microsoft: 2 M IE9 betas downloads exhibits

Sphere of computers in the Microsoft arena declared yesterday that the users have been downloading more than two million prints of their Internet Explorer 9 (IE9) beta in just two days time succeeding to its roll out on 15th Sept.

On Monday Roger Capriotti, a product management lead on the IE team, in a designation to a group blog expressed that by disparity when the Internet Explorer 8 Beta rolled out in the month of August 2008, they had 1.3 million downloads on its initial five days.

Capriotti also swanked that Microsoft's Attraction of the Web site had fascinated nine million visitors and gathered up more than 26 million page sights in the equivalent period.

Last Wednesday, Microsoft released the initial public beta of IE9.

The majority of the commentators have provided IE9 thumbs up, quoting its modest design, hardware hastening and stretched integration with Windows 7. Computerworld's Preston Gralla was spokesperson when he completed that the modification put IE in return as a main contestant in the browser combats.

Web metrics merchants that hunt down browser handling, in spite of this, were unable to authenticate that Microsoft's claim of IE9 beta downloads interpreted into people making use of the new browser.