A Nurse Who Fought Cancer till her Last Breath

Sindi Hawkins, a woman, who was the daughter of a teacher and a homemaker, fought cancer till her last breath. She was a woman who always led the cause for the fight against cancer. She was the first Punjabi woman to be a member of the Canadian legislature.

Climbing the political ladder in the most honest way, she had been elected for the office the second time in the year 2001, after her first election being in the year 1984. Being a nurse in the cancer ward, Sindi Hawkins never missed a chance to present an example of the bravery with which people fought the disease.

Though, the worst happened and following her appointment as the Head of the Ministry of health care planning, she was detected with fatal leukemia. Despite, the hardships faced, Sindi Hawkins continued her fight against cancer and always kept her humor and good deeds intact.

Championing the cause by organizing an annual charity golf tournament, Sindi Hawkins was able to raise $20mn over the period of time for research work and for the support of people suffering from cancer. Her humor despite the adversities, she faced could be witnessed by a letter she wrote to the house, while being treated for cancer in the year 2004.

The letter she wrote was full of humor and made everyone in the house bursting into laughter.

Sindi Hawkins, a daughter of an immigrant from India made a lot of difference and showed that anyone, with enough grit can bring about lots of change.